City Display Fixtures

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Slatwall Accessories

Available in  White,Black and Chrome.

Slatwall Hooks

SW/H2  $0.45 SW/H8  $0.55
SW/H4  $0.50 SW/H10 $0.60
SW/H6  $0.55 SW/H12 $0.65

Slatwall Hooks

Available in Chrome,White and Black.

Slatwall 6 Ball Waterfall

SW/6B  $2.70

Slatwall 5 Hook Waterfall

SW/5H  $2.70

Slatwall Straight Arm


Slatwall Shelf Brackets

SW/8KB                       SW/12KB

SW/10KB                     SW/14KB


Slatwall 12"Rectangular Tubing Straight Arms



Slatwall Single Garment Hook


Slatwall Picture Frame Hook

SW/NHK   $0.50

Slatwall Hangrail Brackets

SW/FB 12"

For rectangular tubing hangrail.

Slatwall Hangrail Bracket

SW/RM 12"

For round tubing hangrail.

Round Tubing U Hangrail


24"W X 12"D