City Display Fixtures

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Metal Boltless Shelving

Regular Duty Upright Post 

P4'H $ P6'H $
P5'H $ 7'H $
P6'H $ 8'H $


Heavy Duty Upright Post


Double Rivet Beam

DR12" DR48"
DR18" DR60"
DR24" DR72"
DR30" DR84"
DR36" DR96"

Double Rivet Channel Beam

DC72" DCH72"
DC96" DCH96"

Single Rivet Beam


Shelf  Deck Support

SD12" $ SD30" $


$ SD36" $
SD24" $ SD48" $

Horizontal Stock Racks

-Arms extend 8"from the framw

-Pan shelves are spaced 21" apart

-Unit base is 36"W X 24"D

-Unit is 84" high and has a capacity of 3,000lbs.

Vertical Stock Racks

-Unit is 84"H X 22" square at the bottom

-Unit tapers to 4 1/2" at the top 

-Angled steel arms are spaced every 8 1/2" and    extended 8"from uprights

-Capacity oer pair of arms is 100lbs.

3/4"Thick Particle Board Decking

1'x4' $ 2'x8' $
1'x6' $ 3'x6' $
1'x8' $ 3'x8' $
2'x4' $ 4'x6' $
2'x6' $ 4'x8' $